Welcome to Koyeba Tech

Koyeba Tech is the African leader in technical consulting with a presence in Africa, the USA, and the EU. Koyeba Tech helps enterprises to enhance overall performance and grow revenue and market share via end-to-end technical, marketing, and sales solutions.

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Use the most prominent ICT technologies and strategies for a smoother digital transformation.

Sales & Marketing

Develop your marketing and brand strategy to overreach your business objectives.


Follow standards for Intellectual property, quality assurance, performance and accounting audits.


Adopt new technologies to improve your efficiency and reduce the operational cost.

About Koyeba Tech

Koyeba Tech is the right team of specialists to assist you with all your technology needs. With deep industry expertise in ICT, Marketing, Sales, Compliance, and Engineering;

We assist our customers throughout multiple industries to achieve higher results that are uniquely pragmatic, tailored, enduring, and holistic.

Some of the sectors Koyeba Tech can impact

Koyeba Tech drives several enterprises to take their businesses to the next level through better decisions to solve digital and business challenges and reach the aspired success.


Financial establishments are rethinking about their limited traditional techniques.


The industry is dominated by innovation and progress with technology and business trends.


The education systems intend to use technology to improve productivity and shape a better future.


Surmount the competition for world-class mining production capacities adopting Industry 4.0.


Use the technology to fix various complexities and difficulties that are handled by tourism and travel businesses.

Logistics & Transportation

Adjust the scalability and flexibility with advanced technologies to facilitate the the supply chain process.


The agriculture system strives for the usage of technologies to face the realities of the present century.


Pursue the journey to green energy while increasing consumer demand with better efficiency.